Monday, July 31, 2006

The Russian King of Ghana

While poor people are being bombed and Felix Dennis is gloating how nice it's to be rich, a Russian man is crowned King of Ghana.

Driving to work this morning, after listening to all the not great news coming form the Middle East on BBC World I heard a documentary about the new King of Ghana being Russian...

So the story is that Sergei Kotov was abandoned as a child and grew up in an orphenage near Moscow, he never tried to find the parents that left him behind, although he stood out due to his darker skin. Living in a small village outside of Moscow he studied to become a tractor driver then joined the army and later went to study Law, at 34 he became the youngest professor in the city of Tver. He married a Russian woman called Zlata and it is her who decided to find Kotov's parents despite his objections.

Close to fourthy years later, thanks to his wife's efforts, Kotov discovers that he is a descendant from the Ghanaian Royal Familly which makes him the king of Ghana. He traveled to Ghana where he was crowned the King of Ghana. However, he still lives in his two-room apartment. Apparently he stays in touch with the President by email.

Ha yes! nearly forgot, he mentions food as a main problem for living in Ghana... "I like Ghana but I missed our Russian food when I was there. They have no borscht, no pickled gherkins, no potatoes", he said.

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